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About Hospital

Health facility Ostrovlya Regional Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital of Lida District

On the 10th of December, 1973, the Department of Health Care of Grodno Region Executive Committee ordered to establish an inpatient department of Ostrovlya Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital of Grodno Region (Order No.208 (з)). The capacity of the department amounted to 100 beds.

Leonid I. Russel was appointed as Chief Executive Officer. On the 11th of December, 1973, the 1st Department for agitated patients was opened. Aleksandr N. Kebets became the Chief of the new department.

At the beginning of January, 1974, the 2nd Department for males was opened. Vanda I. Stanevich was the Chief of the department.

By the end of 1974, 8 departments for 540 patients were opened

In 1978, there were already 12 departments for 810 patients in the hospital. There are branches of the hospital in Knyazikovtsy village (Ivievo district) and Penyuga village (Zelva district). Besides, there is the Department of Addiction Treatment in Slonim town. In 1981, Slonim and Penyuga branches of the hospital came under the charge of district health care providers. Some departments changed their core activities, for instance, a unit of psychosomatics was opened within the department of addiction treatment. In 1989, 700 patients might undergo treatment in the hospital simultaneously.

In 1992, the department of neurology of Lida territorial medical association went under the charge of the hospital. In 1993, the capacity of the hospital amounted to 620 beds, and 1998 – to 585 beds. Patients were treated in 10 departments (3 departments for males, 3 departments for females, department of borderline states, department of psychosomatics, department of neurology and department of psychiatry and tuberculosis).

In April, 2003, the hospital was reorganized. As a result, the department of psychiatry and tuberculosis went under the charge of Boyary hospital.

In the 1st of October, 2003, the department of borderline states was reorganized into the 2nd department of neurology. Today, the hospital may provide inpatient care to 445 patients simultaneously.

The hospital consists of 10 departments:

  • 2 departments of psychiatry for males;
  • 2 departments of psychiatry for females;
  • 2 departments of addiction treatment;
  • 2 departments of neurology;
  • 1 department of psychiatry for elderly patients of both sexes;
  • 1 department of psychiatry for patients of both sexes.

The hospital provides services to 8 districts of the region. Most patients come from Lida and Lida district.

There are occupational therapy workshops in the hospital (for 150 patients).

Over 180 000 patients underwent treatment in the hospital since its establishment.

The facilities of the hospital include the department of physiotherapy, room of exercise therapy and massage, surgery, X-ray unit, clinical laboratory, unit of sonography, unit of electroencephalography and unit of electromyoneurography.

We perform:

  • ultrasound examinations;
  • electroencephalography;
  • acupuncture;
  • laser therapy;
  • manual therapy;
  • psychotherapy;
  • psychologist’s advice.

Patients may make an appointment with a GP, ophthalmologist, gynecologist or a surgeon.


If required, a patient may undergo a CT scan in Lida Central Regional Hospital or MRI in Grodno Regional Clinical Hospital.

The hospital is one of the major inpatient facilities of the region and has numerous awards.

Below is the list of medical specialists, who worked or still working in the hospital:

Former Chief Executive Officers:

Leonid I. Russel (1972-1980), Ivan I. Zhuk (1980-1985), Mikhail K. Slyshenkov (1985-1989), Anatoly M. Finsky (1990-1998), Aleksey E. Popov (1999-2003). Mikhail A. Sidorovich has been working as the Chief Executive Officer since 2003.

Former Chief Medical Officers (starting from 1974):

Anastasia S. Rutkovskaya (1977-1985), Kazimir I. Pental (1985-2000), Anastasia S. Rutkovskaya (2000-2003), Svetlana G. Shcherba (2003-2005), Anatoly A. Bokov (2005-2009). Andrey F. Stanevich has been working as the Chief Medical Officer since 2009.

Former Nurse Managers:

Tamara V. Otroshchenko, Maria B. Nenartovich, Antonina V. Sulzhitskaya (1995-October, 2008). Elena V. Kovshar has been working as the Nurse Manager since October 2008.

We apply the principles of humanity, goodwill and responsibility in our everyday activities.

Some members of our team have been working in the hospital for over 40 years:

  Taisia V. Oleshkevich;

  Pavel N. Dolomanyuk;

  Sergey S. Shundrik;

  Leonid K. Kasperovich;

  Tamara V. Otroshchenko;

  Galina V. Rymko;

  Leonid F. Bartashevich.